Plan to go to Austin Next Year


One of the highlights of my recent on-going recovery process was attending the first International Conference for Secular AA members in Santa Monica in November of 2014. I eagerly look forward to attending the second biennial conference in Austin next November.

Hopefully, lots of us Portland secular AA members will be able to attend to contest which is weirder, Portland or Austin. No matter how you slice it, Austin is in Texas, and though perhaps Texas is most weird, it’s a decidedly different shade of weird than Portland . . . 😉

Thomas B.

About Beyond Belief AA

Sober since October 14, 1972; co-founder with wife Jill and GSR of Beyond Belief Portland AA meeting; attended first International Conference for WAAFs in Santa Monica, CA in November; regular contributor to AA Agnostica.
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2 Responses to Plan to go to Austin Next Year

  1. Thomas Brinson says:

    Oh, and, Kat — also there are many strong, vibrant women of all ages, who attend and actively participate in our meetings.

  2. Thomas Brinson says:

    Yes, Kat, we are an AA group for agnostics, atheists and freethinkers. Check out

    No, we are not anything like some have experienced the Pacific group in LA, or the thankfully now defunct Midtown group in Washington, DC, or what sometimes happens in many groups when “boy meets girl on the AA campus!” We only practice alternative versions of the first 12 steps of the AA program fashioned by Bill Wilson, not the 13th, in which he also was among the first to practice.

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