Syd M. Shares Our Experience, Strength and Hope !~!~!

I experience great value from our agnostic/secular meetings. After attending Beyond Belief at the Portland Alano Club on Sunday, I felt energized and decided to go to another AA meeting, a very loving meeting on NE Broadway. After the meeting, I noticed that there were two  young ladies who hadn’t joined in the closing prayer.

One of the young ladies came up to me, saying she remembered me as one of her customers where she had been a barista. She and her partner are new to AA.

With tears in her eyes, she asked me, “Are there ANY AA meetings that are non-religious?!?!”

I, of course, replied, “You bet there are!” And with great enthusiasm showed them where our Beyond Belief and Secular AA meetings are happening  here in Portland.

I think we may have saved some lives, my dear friends. A special thanks to all who brought this whole shebang to us on the west coast; not a moment too soon.

Syd M.