New Beyond Belief Meeting

Wednesday night, the new Beyond Belief Wednesday meeting occurred at 6:00 pm at the  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 3405 SW Alice Street in the Fellowship Hall with an entrance off the lower parking lot.

Fellowship Hall is a large room with plenty of space to expand and has a kitchen attached. Greg volunteered to donate a 20-cup coffee maker to the group. Tom H. will initially open up and make additional keys with security code for others as needed.

Thirteen folks were in attendance. This augurs well, since the initial meeting of the Sunday Beyond Belief group had 5 folks and the first meeting of the Secular Sobriety group had 9 people attending. We continue to grow and expand.

The first half of the meeting was spent discussing organizational matters. We decided that the meeting would be another open meeting of the Beyond Belief Group and that our initial meetings will be as follows:

  • The first Wednesday of each month will be a Step Discussion meeting of the step that corresponds to the number of the month. Therefore, next Wednesday, September 2nd we’ll share experience, strength and hope on Step 9.
  • The last Wednesday of the month will be a city-wide celebration of secular A.A. birthdays. Folks who have achieved milestones of 1, 3, 6, 9 months of sobriety, a year and multiple years will get a chance to briefly qualify. We’ll purchase a cake and other goodies for a celebration during and after the meeting before another group comes in for a 7:30 pm meeting.
  • The Wednesdays, two or three depending on the vagaries of the Gregorian calendar in between, will be regular discussion meetings using Joe C.s daily musing as the suggested topic.

Generally we’ll follow the same format on Wednesday that we use on Sundays. 7th tradition monies will be given to Kendall, the current group treasurer.

The rest of the meeting was spend with an open discussion around the topic of inclusivity, suggested by Tom H.

It was another auspicious beginning,  another milestone for the evolving community of Portland secular members of AA.