New Attendance Records

An earlier post described the accelerating numbers of groups in North America for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and those with different beliefs from the predominant Christian belief in the majority of AA meetings throughout North America. Well, the growth of Portland’s  secular AA meetings is also accelerating !~!~!

This week Jill and I attended both the Secular Sobriety Friday night meeting and the Beyond Belief Sunday meeting. Both meetings broke new attendance records: 28 for Secular Sobriety and 41 for Beyond Belief.

I was also most impressed that some 15 or 16 members of Secular Sobriety stayed for the Business Meeting afterwards. That’s a much higher percentage of group members at a Biz Meeting than most groups I’ve belonged to. The informed group conscience  of Secular Sobriety determined to start a new meeting at Tabor Space on Monday nights commencing July 6th. YEAH !~!~!

Thomas B.

Hello Sober Secular Members of AA !~!~!

This is the beta build of the Portland Oregon Secular AA website that Rob B. and I have been working on for the past several months, but especially the last couple of weeks. It is a work in progress, and we want to incorporate the Secular AA recovering community in Portland to help us reach out the hand of AA digitally to alcohol addicts and anyone who has a desire to stop drinking.

Please read thru the posts and pages on the website and give us your feedback. You can either email/telephone us or leave us a comment in the comment box. We also welcome any of you to contribute posts for the blog. We’ll figure out together how this process will work with Rob and I sharing admin responsibilities.

We’ll be tweaking this beta version between now and the Beyond Belief business meeting on June 14th, wherein we’ll have an informed group conscience decision about announcing it throughout the rest of the secular AA recovering community and the general AA community.

These are exciting times for the secular recovering community in AA. Together we can help insure that the hand of AA is available to all who seek recovery regardless of belief or lack thereof.

In love and service,

Thomas B.

QUAD-A/WAAF Meetings Accelerating . . .


This graph, prepared by Deirdre S. of New York City who compiles the worldwide listing of Agnostic AA meetings,  is  posted on AA Agnostica. It amply demonstrates that We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers are thriving in our recovery together within AA.

This bodes well for younger generations of alcohol addicts, many of whom are “nones” with no religious orientation according to the Pew Research Center, who shall need the hand of AA to always be there for them. For this to be:


I am so grateful that here in Portland the growth of our Secular AA meetings mirrors this growth of Quad-A/WAAF meetings worldwide.

Thomas B.

Finally, a Book of Our Stories . . .

In 1975, the first request to publish the stories of agnostics, atheists and freethinkers was made to AA’s General Service Office. In 2014 a pamphlet, “Many Paths to Spirituality” was finally published. However, this did not include our stories, only snippets of quotes, including one from a Jewish pDo-Tell-Full-Blue-Front-Cover-200-FRAMEDerson who said he had no problem in reciting the Lord’s Prayer from the New Testament. Also, in 2014, members from AA Agnostica, requested the Grapevine to publish a book containing the some 40 stories previously published by the Grapevine since 1962 from agnostics, atheists and freethinkers. The Grapevine Board of Directors voted against putting this on the agenda for the General Service Conference this past April.

Therefore, Roger C., collected thirty stories from agnostics, atheists and freethinkers with a forward by Marya Hornbacher plus an Introduction by himself, and published Do Tell! Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AAlast month. It is a must read for anyone who struggles with the religiosity found in many AA meetings. It demonstrates how  people with differing beliefs from the conventional Christian dogma of AA literature, or no belief at all, have found sobriety in AA and lead satisfied, productive and successful lives in recovery.

A must read for agnostic, atheists and freethinkers in recovery, it is available on AA Agnostica, Amazon, iTunes and other outlets. Limited copies are also available in the Portland Alano Club Office.

Thomas   B.